Helping countries achieve the SDGs



Even within an Environment Ministry, sustainable development affects more than one government department. As national focal point on sustainable consumption and production, I create links to avoid silo thinking. This is strengthening the scientific basis to policymaking and boosting the case for securing finance for the environment

Luminita Ghita

Head of the Sustainable Development and Public Policy Unit at the Romanian Ministry of Environment, May 2016.

Supporting an integrated approach

UNEP is promoting an integrated approach to dealing with environmental challenges, just like the SDGs.

Through partnerships such as the 10-Year Framework of Programmes (10YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns , UNEP supports countries progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (most notably Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production) and develops tools and studies supporting countries in developing policies and guidelines on, green public procurement, consumer information, cleaner production and waste management, among others.

In order to ensure these resonate right across ministerial portfolios, UNEP has also called for the nomination of government focal points on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

During my work with various governmental departments and stakeholders, I can always count on UNEP’s documents for support, as well as UNEP’s work on Sustainable Consumption and Production and Green Economy for advancing environment as an enabler for development,” says Romania’s 10YFP focal point, Luminita Ghita.

Regular regional meetings are being organised to deliver technical advice and allow for international best practice exchanges – as just one example of UNEP empowering decision makers to take action towards an SDG.